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North Lake Creek

North Lake Creek originates in the west at "Fountain Head", a renowned spring close to Greenvale. Alder Brook, a key tributary, flows north and meets the main branch of the river east of the East Baltic Road. North Lake Creek eventually flows into North Lake itself before draining into the Gulf of St. Lawrence at North Lake Harbour.

At a Glance

- 4774 hectares in size
- 78% of the watershed area is forested
- 403.5 hectares is owned by the Government of PEI
- 788 hectares are used for agriculture
- The watershed contains a total of 45.67 km of stream


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Restoration and Enhancement of Atlantic Salmon Habitat in North Eastern PEI

Budget: $14455.00 Project Description: A sediment by-pass pond will be installed to divert excess sediment from entering Cross River, preventing sediment from building up within the stream bed. Restoration and enhancement efforts will be conducted at Cross River, Priest Pond, and North Lake Creek to improve the passage of fish (primarily diadromous fish). This will…
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