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East Lake Creek Watershed

The East Lake Creek Watershed has two main tributaries that originate in the community of Elmira. East Lake Creek empties into East Lake, which drains into the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

At a Glance

2573 hectare area
64.1% of watershed area is forested
209 hectares of land are owned by the PEI Government
Approximately 472 acres of agricultural land
14.1 km of stream
Not listed as a significant Atlantic salmon river

Stream Enhancement

SAB staff carried out extensive stream enhancement activities within the East Lake Creek watershed in 2013. The image below details our activities and observations within the watershed:

  • Red line - stream enhancement
  • Aqua blue circle - nuisance beaver removed
  • Green circle - abandoned beaver dam
  • Pink circle - active beaver dam
  • Black circle - natural blockage (removed)

Many species of wildlife make use of the habitats within the watersheds. The links below are resources and observations within the watershed.

Salt Marsh Restoration of Souris River

Budget: $47,636 Project Description: The Coastal Restoration Fund provides money to projects addressing threats to marine habitats and species along Canada’s coasts. Rehabilitation to aquatic habitats, contributing to long-term sustainability, and encouraging, engaging and consulting both community and Indigenous groups are core principles of projects funded by the Coastal Restoration Fund. Souris Wildlife will be…
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Basin Head Monitoring Activities

Budget: $25,000 Project Description: Monitoring and restoration initiatives being conducted at Basin Head Marine Protected Area will be continued through Irish moss (Chondrus crispus), eelgrass restoration and monitoring, as well as nutrient loading and Ulva monitoring. Six freshwater and three estuarine sites will be sampled for nutrient analysis, streamflow measurements (freshwater only), and water chemistry…
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