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Atlantic Salmon Population Baseline Watershed Survey in Hay River

Project Description

Budget: $25,000

Project Description: Benchmark data will be collected to create a reference for Atlantic salmon in Hay River, PEI. This will be accomplished through several objectives. Water temperature data loggers will be deployed to assist in assessing climate change related temperature fluctuations. Fyke nets will be installed to provide population ratios of different life stages of departing smolts and returning salmon. Enhancement of stream habitat will aid in fish passage to and from spawning locations by removing blockages and blowdowns, installing brush mattresses to capture and remove silt, and by clearing an extension of river to access new spawning habitat. A beaver activity assessment will aid in keeping Hay River free from blockages due to beavers and inhibiting free fish passage. A CABIN (Canadian Aquatic Biomonitoring Network) stream habitat and benthic invertebrate assessment will assess biological and chemical contaminates of Hay River stream water. Fish density surveys will provide current Atlantic salmon population data through the use of electrofishing methods. Finally, an Atlantic salmon redd survey will be completed to identify and verify suitable spawning habitat and estimate the Hay River salmon population.

Project Funder

Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation
The Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation is a non-profit organization that strives to enhance the conservation of wild Atlantic salmon and its habitat. They look to be an effective source of funding for community organizations, enhance cooperation and partnership between government, Indigenous organizations, community groups and other stakeholders, promote conservation planning and management in watersheds and improve public awareness, education and research regarding the conservation of wild salmon and their habitat.


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