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Garbage pickers in eastern P.E.I. clean roads, beaches year-round

They call themselves the Northside Pickers and their efforts at gathering up garbage in eastern P.E.I. have inspired people in their area to do more.

It all started when Marion Harris, Anne Lutz, Louise Deagle, and Dave and Brenda White decided they had to something about the garbage they were seeing during their daily walks.

“When I come to P.E.I. and I see the beautiful ocean and the beautiful tree-lined highways, I can’t imagine someone wanting to litter them,” said Brenda White, who moved to the Island last year from Ontario.

“It breaks my heart, so we pick up the garbage to keep this place looking beautiful the way it is.”

The Souris and Area Branch of the P.E.I. Wildlife Federation is now putting together a map of local residents who have agreed to “adopt” a stretch of road and keep it clean year-round.

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