Restoration and Monitoring in North Eastern PEI

World Wildlife Federation through the Loblaw Water Fund
The Loblaw Water Fund is a grant initiative to address major threats to the health of Canadian waterways and taking specific steps toward ecosystem restoration and/or the collection of data for long-term monitoring initiatives. This fund, over the last 4 years has resulted in over 200 hectares of habitat restored, the planting of 21 000 native trees, and engaging thousand of volunteers in conservation efforts.

Budget: $22,507.66

Project Description: This project will aim to maintain and to improve fish populations through electrofishing surveys and habitat restoration. Electrofishing surveys will be conducted at 11 streams, gathering presence/absence and density of fish species while procuring basic husbandry data and measurements (size, sex, condition, life stage etc.), collecting water quality information (temperature, pH, conductivity), and conducting basic habitat assessments. Through habitat restoration, 150 km of streams will be targeted to record and remove any blowdowns, blockages, and inactive beaver dams, allowing for obstruction free fish passage.


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