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Restoration and enhancement of Atlantic salmon and Brook trout habitat in North-Eastern PEI

WCF Spring
The Wildlife Conservation Fund, administered by the Island Nature Trust, is a trust fund that provides funding for the protection and enhancement of wildlife and wildlife habitats on Prince Edward Island. This Fund is generated from the annual licence fees of anglers, hunters and trappers and from the sale of Conservation Licence Plates on PEI.

Budget: $12850.00

Project Description: The overall goal of this project is to have as near to pristine habitat as possible in nine streams for the benefit of Atlantic salmon and other diadromous fish. These streams have been restored and enhanced on a regular basis since 1974. For the previous 20 years, then have been cleared on an annual basis. These streams have always shown steady, and even increasing, fish populations as a result of this work. Annual restoration of the streams is essential to maintain fish passage as the streams are all in highly forested areas so accumulate a large number of blow downs every year, as well as experiencing high beaver activity. Hurricane Dorian will have caused extensive damage to our systems which will take a lot of time and effort to rectify. Recently, further issues have been caused by extreme freeze-thaw events creating more blowdowns and vegetation in the streams, leading to more blockages.


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