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Planting Willow Riparian Buffers to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Program
The Agricultural Greenhouse Gases Program (AGGP) funded by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, supports projects that will create technologies, practices and processes that can be adopted by farmers to mitigate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. These projects will also help farmers increase their understanding of GHG emissions.

Budget: $22 468.00

Project Description: Willows have been found to be efficient in the removal of greenhouse gas emissions from the environment. By planting these willows in riparian zones as buffers to the agriculture industry, not only greenhouse gases but also water and nutrient runoff from fields will be limited. After a few years, the willow trees will be cut down, made into wood chips, and distributed across fields recently harvested for potatoes. The nitrogen that was stored within the willow trees will get released into the fields, creating less need for fertilizer the following year.


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