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Living Lab – Atlantic

In partnership with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada is the federal body that shares the responsibility of Canada’s Agriculture industry. Their activities range from farmer to consumer, from farm to global markets and all of the producing, marketing, and regulating that this industry entails. They aim to drive innovation and ingenuity within agriculture sector and provide leadership in the growth and development in a competitive yet sustainable industry.

Budget: $49,000

This project aims to provide an experimental setting to help in the prevention of key agri-environmental issues. Identified issues include nutrient loss due to soil erosion and its impacts on local waterways, declining soil organic matter, nutrient loss due to improper water management, and fertilizer application for better nutrient management. With the cooperation of farmers, methods involving fall-seeded cover crops, full-season soil-building rotation crops, nurse cropping demonstration trials, slow release fertilizer products and using constructed wetlands and grass waterways to improve water quality would be implemented in select fields to test their viability in mitigating these issues. Specifically, Souris Wildlife will be demonstrating the efficiency of fall seeded cover crops following primary tillage and potato production on a tile drained field, taking water quality measurements to test effectiveness, as well as enhancing soil quality with reduced tillage on potato farmed fields.